All You Need is Just A Little Patience

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An article title inspired by lyrics from the classic Guns and Roses song Patience. A song that when times are hard or something isn’t going the way it should, I just hit that play button, drift off and assess a smart or different way of approaching the task at hand.

Patience is something that is lacking in today’s modern world. The fast flow of traffic, the hustle and bustle, technology delivering media, news and information in the blink of an eye. We as a society have been so accustomed to having things delivered to us in record time that if there is a delay or hurdle in the road instantly we’re rushing to find a way around it without taking a second to just be patient.

Ok maybe this is too much patience..

Taking your time instead of rushing allows you to make the most of the situation you are facing, rather than rushing to find the quickest route and most likely making a mistake why not just relax, take it easy, destress. Step back from the situation and understand that the quickest route might not always be the most effective in the long-run.

If you half-ass a job, you’re half-assing in life. Put in the time, the effort and the patience and you’ll progress much further than you ever could by rushing it and at the end of whatever problem you’re facing you’ll feel much more achieved knowing you went about it the right way instead of the ‘right now’ way.

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