A Spot of Lunch? The Rib Room

The Rib Room Meal

On the corner of the highly fashionable Sloane Street in London lies The Rib Room. Tucked away in the heart of the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel is this three AA Rosettes winning restaurant that I was dying to explore.

I must admit I always get nervous visiting more upmarket places to dine. I always have this misapprehension that a 25 year old with a Stoke accent will instantly get judged or looked down upon but thankfully I’ve never had this experience just yet. I and a friend were welcomed with wonderful smiles and a friendly attendant guided us to our seat which was nicely placed by the window in the corner of the room with nice views of the super-cars driving up and down around the area. The room oozed sophistication and as I looked around the room I saw business types, families and gentlemanly meetings taking place as I then realized I was the youngest person in the restuarant. A false sense of self accomplishment washed over myself but I was sent hurtling back to earth the second I ordered a Coca Cola due to the fact that at the moment I can’t drink alcohol due to an ongoing medical problems. A nice way of saying, alcohol has destroyed my entire body over the years and I’m taking a well deserved break.

Before arriving at the restaurant I already knew what I was going to order. Ever since I watched a How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) talks about Wagyu beef over dinner with John Cho’s character I’ve always been intrigued to try it myself. Originating from a Japanese cow, Wagyu beef is claimed to be the most tender and flavoursome of them all, the king of steaks. Wagyu beef is a rare and expensive meat that packs more flavour than the rest. I placed my order and shivered at the price I just paid for what was the dearest thing on their menu and coincidentally the dearest single meal I’ve ever brought.

My steak arrived, medium cooked with a side of steak chips and a lovely BBQ accompaniment. One bite is all it took until I was re-enacting the diner scene from When Harry Met Sally.

The steak was nothing short of wonderful and whilst the bill made my eyes water it was worth every penny. The service was above and beyond and your every need was catered for without question or delay. The food arrived in good time, well presented and had a taste the likes I’ve never experienced before.

I fully recommend The Rib Room if ever you’re in London. You won’t just be getting a bite to eat, but an experience to remember.


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