A 5 Star Haven in Knightsbridge. Jumeirah Carlton Tower Review

Jumeriah Carlton Tower

The beautiful 5 star Jumeriah Carlton Hotel in Knightsbridge has been on my list of hotels to stay at for quite some time. I’m obsessed with Dubai culture and the Jumeriah chain owns the 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel that is steeped in futuristic and extravagant décor. The Jumeriah Carlton Tower in London brings this oversea’s experience much closer to home. So before I dive head first into the next flight out to Dubai I thought i’d test the waters with the Jumeriah Carlton Tower.

The Blacklane chauffeur dropped me off outside the door and as I walked through the lobby of the hotel I was welcomed with nothing but smiles from the women and handshakes from the men. I was looking around to see if someone famous was behind me or they thought I was an agent, manager or friend of said celebrity but it was just darn good customer service. By the time I checked out the next morning I felt as if I’d known the staff for months by the way they were talking to me about the BAFTA’s the night before and everything else we were discussing. I’ve never had that kind of friendliness in any hotel i’ve ever stayed at. It really was a cut above the rest.

I had booked the spa suite in the hotel. I’ve never been to a spa in my life so this certainly wasn’t the selling point of the room for me, but the picture of the bathroom and a TV that rises up out of the bed certainly sold me. Simple things for a simple person.

As we were escorted into the room I couldn’t believe my eyes; the room screamed luxury. The bedroom and living room had space for me to run laps and the bathroom was extraordinary as you can see in the picture below. Need I say more? Macaroons were left as a welcome gift as we entered the room, this really was a nice little touch and they were absolutely delicious! The only downside of the room was the view. We had a very rough looking skyline of dirty buildings and the back-end of a hotel is never pretty in London. A quick close of the curtains and this was solved but at night time it looked rather lovely with the lights sparkling in the darkness but in the day it burned my retina’s. Not to worry! I didn’t pay for a view, I paid for a lovely suite.

After playing with the TV rising up and down at the foot of the bed for almost an hour I got ready and headed on out. The hotel has a complimentary chauffeur service using their own in-house mini. The car can be used to drop you off anywhere within 3 miles of the hotel and the Royal Albert Hall was well within distance so I put this service to good use. I thought this really was a nice touch and it’s free for all guests of the hotel to utilise.

Once I got back to the hotel later that night I made sure to stay up until 4am in the morning taking in every part of the room and relaxing in my warm egg shaped bath watching the TV. It was a crazy experience watching Celebrity Apprentice (the only thing on TV at that time of the morning) in an egg shaped bath with enough room for three people in there. It really was relaxing and the name ‘spa’ suite was really living up to it’s tranquil namesake.

4am Bathtime

The Jumeriah Carlton Hotel is a taste of the UAE right in the heart of London, just around the corner from Harrods and adjacent to Sloane Street packed full of designer outlets as far as the eye can see. Supercars lined the streets and it really does feel as thou you’re in another world entirely. The staff were so lovely that we even had a photo together to commemorate the stay. I’m so eager to return and I’m already planning my next trip to visit.

Me with some of the staff of the Jumeriah Carlton Hotel.

Wish to stay at the Jumeriah Carlton Hotel? Click HERE.

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