Novitec Create a Customised Ferrari 488

Novitech Ferrari

Novitec are a German tuning company who have gripped their hands tightly around a 488 and turned 22 of them into customised beasts named the N-Largo. 11 in coupe’ form and another 11 as droptops. The additions to the car are Novitec’s renoun widening body kit and a superio increase in horsepower bringing the N-Largo […]

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Lamborghini Huracan Joins Italian Highway Patrol

Lamborghini Police Car

The other week we covered a Veyron being added to Dubai’s fleet of police patrol cars and it seems as thou Italy are jumping on the band-wagon too as Lamborghini have delivered the police version of its Huracaฬn supercar to the Italian Highway Patrol in Rome. This 610bhp monster will be used in normal police […]

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Bugatti Chiron Has Landed

Bugatti Chiron

The first review of the Bugatti Chiron was supposedly given to Top Gear to release on this Sunday’s episode but it seems as thou someone else has managed to upload (with or without permission) a review before them. Indie car-review page Carfection released a YouTube video yesterday going over this beautiful beast. The Chiron is […]

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