Losing Individuality in Social Media Marketing

Mobile Network

Over the last few years I’ve specialised in grassroots marketing, an area of marketing that I feel comfortable with. This would involve building a new product from scratch in addition to building a following and implementing a strategy that enhances pages to the next level of their development. Upon researching numerous pages run by both […]

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Dealing With Negativity


In a world surrounded by negativity on a daily basis, whether it’s the news, the streets or online trolling, hate or discrimination is something we will always encounter negativity at some point in our lives. When relating to setting up a new business, venture or idea you will face your fair share of critics. The […]

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Instagram Your Way to Success

Social Media

As I write this article my Million Dollar Blogger Instagram page stands at 31 followers in a few days. Yes 31. So why should you listen to someone who you probably have more followers than? Because I know i’m going to be working on that page each and everyday with motivation that seems all but […]

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All You Need is Just A Little Patience

Rubix Puzzle

An article title inspired by lyrics from the classic Guns and Roses song Patience. A song that when times are hard or something isn’t going the way it should, I just hit that play button, drift off and assess a smart or different way of approaching the task at hand. Patience is something that is […]

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