BMW Reveals Series 8 Concept Car

BMW Series 8

BMW recently revealed its latest concept car, the series 8. Expected in 2018 the car will be a perfect blend of modern luxury and sharp dynamics. The concept was unveiled at the Italian Concours d’Elegance show. Carbon-fibre-shell sports seats, high-end materials such as merino leather and Swarovski glass make it sound rather lovely on the […]

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Atolyestone Mens Custom Bracelet Review

High End jewellery

There are many luxury jewellery websites on the internet and i’m always flicking through the visual libraries of Instagram looking for eye catching new products. Upon doing some research I came across numerous images of these incredible bracelets that people had been sharing like crazy, so I decided to look into them further to see […]

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The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

President Wilson View

Priced at around £50,000 a night the world’s most expensive hotel room is believed to be the Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. Situated on the eigth floor of the hotel this 18,000 sq/ft room boasts views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, gym, jacuzzi and 12 bedrooms all with en-suite. […]

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Last Property Design


Frank Lloyd Wright’s final design was the Norman Lykes House in Phoenix in 1959, just a short time before he died at age 91. This 2,849-square-foot home contains three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, media room and two home offices that look like some sort of bond villians hideout. This uniquely shaped property has a […]

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Airbnb to Purchase Luxury Retreats

Luxury Destination

At a deal worth just under $300 million Airbnb are expanding into the luxury retreats market by purchasing Luxury Retreats International Inc. With such listings at Richard Branson’s Necker Island on the roster and Francis Ford Coppola’s Italian Villa it’s safe to say that Airbnb are stepping up their property game. Not just a mansion […]

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$1.7 Billion ‘Marsa Al Arab’ Project in Dubai


The project dubbed Marsa Al Arab will be built on either side of the world-famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai.  Considering the Burj Al Arab is such an iconic stand-out piece of Dubai skyline it does seem a shame to ruin it by surrounding it with more tourist showcases. You wouldn’t build either-side of the great pyramids so […]

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