Live the life of a Fashion Designer

The home of fashion designer Alexander Julian is now up for sale and my god does it look beautiful! One look at this property takes your breath away. Built in 1992 this 6043 square feet property sits on 30 acres of scenary hand picked out of something you’d more likely to see in Lord of […]

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Novitec Create a Customised Ferrari 488

Novitech Ferrari

Novitec are a German tuning company who have gripped their hands tightly around a 488 and turned 22 of them into customised beasts named the N-Largo. 11 in coupe’ form and another 11 as droptops. The additions to the car are Novitec’s renoun widening body kit and a superio increase in horsepower bringing the N-Largo […]

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Dare to Play the Million Monopoly?

Paco Rabanne

Thankfully this isn’t a sponsored post as I’m not a huge fan of the Paco Rabanne fragrance, not because it isn’t a nice fragrance, it’s ok. It’s just more the fact every man and his dog now smells of Paco Rabanne. Go out into your local high street and count how many times you catch […]

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Top 5 Things You MUST Do in LA

Los Angeles Beach

The City of Angels where each day is surrounded by sparkling sunshine and countless memories. Easily one of the best places I have ever visited and compiling everything you can get up to in Los Angeles into five choices was an incredibly difficult task. These choices are my own personal choices so feel free to […]

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Losing Individuality in Social Media Marketing

Mobile Network

Over the last few years I’ve specialised in grassroots marketing, an area of marketing that I feel comfortable with. This would involve building a new product from scratch in addition to building a following and implementing a strategy that enhances pages to the next level of their development. Upon researching numerous pages run by both […]

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Sting’s Central Park Penthouse Up For Sale

The musician, the artist, the legend that is Sting is currently selling his Central Park Penthouse. Located at 15 Central Park West the beautiful entry opens up to an incredible circular staircase and the views of Central Park are breathtaking. The penthouse includes three bedrooms, four baths and a beautiful white kitchen (pictured below). The […]

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