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A Million Dollar Blogger isn’t like most luxury websites. We won’t post every single article that comes our way. The site is guided towards our wealthy visitors who love their luxury goods. We’re solely focused on receiving a niche targeted luxury audience with posts that really appeal to a specific interest and lifestyle. As a result each piece of content is hand selected as the best possible product or review for our audience.

So Where Did It All Begin?

Sean Evans, 26, born in Stoke On Trent. I dragged my way through school and spent most of my college days bunking off. Using my dinner money to buy the latest film releases. After a slew of boring jobs working to fulfil someone else’s dream, it was time to chase something that I was passionate about. Something I could pour my heart and soul into. My own dream had just started and Back to the Movies was born and A Million Dollar Blogger was set in motion.

The Million Dollar Blogger

I’m the CEO of Back To The Movies a site that took me into the whirlwind of self-employment. Back to the Movies is an independent site where I review films, catch up on all the latest film news, interview celebrities and more.

Alongside the website, I run marketing and advertising campaigns and consultation for various companies. Specialising in movie marketing for both Independent and Studio film. I have worked with many top names in the industry and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a few of my own personal idols. Working from home I have established the brand single-handedly into the third most influential film blog in the UK. Surrounded by competitor websites who employ dozens of staff members. Back to the Movies was created with the aim to talk about movies the way you would talk to your friends about them and nothing more. No Critics, just fans.

A Million Dollar Blogger
Me and Floyd Mayweather at a private event.

The Journey Begins

About two months after becoming self-employed I was flown to Hollywood to work on my first movie. A film called Fear Clinic starring Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) and Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor.

Over 50 movies later I turned my Marketing work towards a gaming company. In January 2016 I was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer for a Vegas-based Augmented Reality gaming company.

My work has been featured in various online publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap and The LA Times. I’ve made appearances on the three-time Emmy Award-winning TV show Mark at the Movies which is based in California. In addition, i’ve been a guest on Extra Butter a movie talk-show based in Sacremento. I was also published in the Amazon Bestselling book The Million Dollar Blog, a book which showcases financially successful blogs. If this terrible spelling, grammar confused, college skipping Stokie can be a million dollar blogger. Then so can you!

In Conclusion

A Million Dollar Blogger was set up to explore a new passion of mine. Luxury goods. In addition to covering tailored luxury content our business section of the site also includes guides, tips and advice on how to advance a career in blogging for yourself!

If you are interested in Marketing or Advertising consultation for your company then feel free to get in touch.

Likewise, if you wish to advertise on A Million Dollar Blogger please also, get in touch.