Alton Towers Fast Track Experience Review

Alton Towers Fast Pass Review

It’s not very often I attend theme parks but over the last 3-4 weeks a dear friend of mine has been having some relationship issues and it’s my job as a good friend to get his mind off certain topics. What resulted was 3-4 weeks of theme park visits all over the country and it’s been a blast! The funniest thing is, I’m scared of roller coasters! I am expecting that newly polished ‘Best friend of the Year’ award to arrive anytime soon. This weeks park was Alton Towers and we really stepped up the experience this time around. We took the plunge with an Alton Towers fast pass.

Alton Towers Fast Pass Review
Literally took the plunge…

The Alton Towers fast pass saves you waiting in queues all day and allows you to join a specific line that shoots you straight to the front of the queue and cuts your wait time down drastically. We attended on a rather busy day where the minimum wait for any given ride was 80 mins. With around 7 hours of the park being open and with those kinds of queue times (on top of the walking distance between some of the rides) the day would be over in no time. We both decided that we actually wanted to enjoy the day without standing around watching everyone else having fun on the rides and just like that we had brought two gold fast passes.

Alton Towers Fast Pass Tiers

Alton Towers Fast Track Review

So as you can see above there are four tiers for the fast pass. The bronze pass lets you ride 4 specific rides on a fast pass just the once. There are around 8 rides at Alton Towers worth riding every single time you attend and queuing for the other 4 would have still taken at the very least 4 hours off of our day. Next!

The fast track silver pass is certainly a good option if you want to get on one of the best rides in the park (The Smiler) in the quickest possible time. But once again there are a number of rides missing there that you really should experience to make the most of your visit.

Alton Towers Fast Pass Review

Like I mentioned above, we went for the gold pass because it covers everything. You were allowed to ride every single relevant ride in the park without the hassle of queuing. The platinum package is certainly very appealing due to the fact you can ride any ride you want on a fast pass as many times as you want but the time absolutely flies at Alton Towers. I was more than happy with how much we managed to fit in with the gold pass alone. But if you love a certain ride and want to keep going back on it numerous times all day then you can’t go wrong with the Platinum package!

The Benefits of an Alton Towers Fast Pass

Alton Towers Fast Pass Review

As stated above the main reason for getting a fast pass is to save you the stress of waiting in line for the majority of the day. Watching everyone else having fun whizzing around on any given coaster with green envy isn’t my idea of a good day out.

Purchasing a fast pass allows you to take it easy, there is no rushing to other rides to get further in a particular queue. There’s no stress that you’re not going to get on a ride before it closes. We walked up to the attraction, walked down the dedicated queue line and within a minute or two we were on the ride.

Alton Towers Fast Pass Review

With our gold fast pass, we were given a ticket that was marked off which each ride we went on so we couldn’t fast track it again. However, if the queue was small the ride attendees wouldn’t cross off our ticket and we were able to fast pass the ride again which I thought was superb. We did this with Nemesis, Thirteen and Galactica.

The only downside with regards to the pass is that the fast track queues run adjacent to the standard queues. So it’s your job as a fast pass holder to walk past every single person who has probably been waiting for close to an hour to get on the ride. The queues are usually long in the run-up to the boarding stations and walking past all these judging faces was a little awkward to say the least but in that same regard, it did feel pretty cool at the same time just strolling past a lengthy wait.


Alton Towers Fast Pass Review

After experiencing the fast pass at Alton Towers I will never go back to the long queues and aching legs. I will upgrade to a fast pass every single time now! I cannot recommend it enough. I’d certainly go for gold or platinum packages so you get the full park experience and when you’re gliding past the exhaustingly long queues and going straight to the front you’ll easily feel your value for money. Say goodbye to stress, goodbye to waiting around and goodbye to wasting your day in queues and enjoy everything that Alton Towers has to offer!

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