GŎNG At The Shard Review – An Escape From Reality

Situated on the 52nd floor of The Shard is the highest bar in Europe. A sky-high venue where you sip cocktails and fine champagne overlooking the beautiful London skyline. Welcome to GŎNG at The Shard.

The name GŎNG derives from the Chinese word ‘dougong’ – a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets commonly seen in traditional Chinese architecture. A common theme that radiates throughout the bar in its furnishings and design.

GONG at The Shard Review
The Beautiful Bar

After the BAFTAS ceremony, I hopped into a vehicle with a friend of mine and made our way to The Shard. A reservation had been made a few weeks in advance and we had arrived early but the staff were incredibly accommodating and let us in before our allocated slot. It says on their website that you are only allowed to stay in the bar for an hour to make way for other people who had made reservations. On this occassion however we stayed for longer which was amazing.

GONG at The Shard Review
My First Cristal Experience

As we were allowed into the bar early we spent nearly two hours in total there which was incredible. It was a Sunday night and our reservation was for 11pm and it was still completely full. Upon our arrival, we were told to wait at the bar until a window seat became available. Without hesitation, I ordered a glass of Cristal champagne and took in the breathtaking view that surrounded me.

Floor to ceiling glass windows and decor that oozed class and sophistication made me feel on cloud 9. The staff were so helpful and the bartender even allowed me to sample various champagnes before choosing whether to purchase a glass or not. Safe to say I was a little tipsy on some seriously expensive champagne samples before we even got to a window seat.

GONG at The Shard Review
The Decor Oozed Class and Sophistiation

A member of staff came over to us and guided us to our sofa with Tower Bridge down below us. What a view! Just sitting in this exclusive bar made me contemplate all of my achievements and experiences so far, that’s just how inspiring the view was.

You’d think that beautiful views and amazing decor would have been the highlight of the night but not for me. When I visited the restroom the toilets had heated seats! I think that was the icing on the cake for me and even the bathroom had incredible views. I wouldn’t like to be standing there doing my business whilst a plane casually flies past thou!

GONG at The Shard Review
Now That’s A View

GŎNG At The Shard is a place that must be experienced. Soak in the atmosphere, grab a bottle of fine champagne and caviar and take it all in. Enjoy it and cross it off your bucket list. You haven’t lived until you’ve visited. Live the high life at 1000 feet.

Make a reservation at GŎNG today by visiting http://www.gong-shangri-la.com/bar/

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