Blacklane First Class Review


After a long day of exploring at Old Trafford I had the pleasure of being picked up by Blacklane. This time I would be reviewing their first class experience. The most prestigious and expensive cars that Blacklane have in their fleet.

I had just walked out of the stadium and received a text that my driver was here and in the distance there it was. A brand new BMW 7-Series just like the one in the picture above with tinted windows and an incredible hand-stitched interior and enough leg room to smuggle a baby elephant in with me.

My driver was very friendly and we spoke for most of the journey back to Stoke from Manchester which is a nice 60 minute journey that just seemed to fly by. It was quite funny being stuck in traffic having people next to us pointing at the car and wondering who was in the back. Little did they know it was little old non-famous me but I could have been anyone for all they knew.

Complimentary water was provided and much appreciated as it had been a long day of walking around and soaking up all of the atmosphere that Old Trafford had to offer.

The price was reasonable for the journey home and if you want that A-List experience then Blacklane as I always say in each of these reviews, are the way to go.

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